Welcome to my Home Page. On this site you will find pictures of my cats and kittens. I have been breeding tipped cats since 1995; my first girl was black-tipped and was the start of both my silver and golden lines. Both silver and gold tipped have the most beautiful round green eyes, with attractive black eye liner. Their brick-coloured nose also has a little black line across the top, giving the cat a most attractive look.

This breed is known for its chunky appearance, having short, stocky legs, a lovely round head and a solid, cobby body. The "tippy" as it is affectionately known to its breeders has  a lovely nature, loves to be with you and likes nothing better than playing with a ping pong ball or a feather duster.

All my kittens are born and live in my home and receive much love and attention. They move to their new homes at 13 weeks and are registered, vaccinated and insured. I am always happy to receive enquiries about my kittens and I hope you enjoy looking through my website. Please feel free to email or 'phone (from the UK 01732 763482) if there is anything you would like to know.

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